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Physiotherapy is the diagnostic and very effective treatment for minor to major pains and injuries. It reduces the joint stiffness by enhancing the blood flow and oxygen to all body parts. Physiotherapy in panchkula It also soothes the broken muscles as well as reduces the pain to injured body parts. Physiotherapist in Panchkula helps to restore the function of body parts that prevents you from diseases and disabilities. Heart stroke patients can also have physiotherapy treatment as it reduces pressure and pain by opening up collapsed blood vessels. It is one of the best solution to get rid of immobility and muscles tenancy. Physiotherapy plays very important part in people's life who are injured, suffering from pain or athletes. Have a look on various complications that can be cured by physiotherapy treatment: Arthritis: Arthritis is very terrible disease that causes pain in all movable joints of our body including wrists, shoulder, ankles, elbows, knees etc. This disease leads to the deformation of body parts due to pain and stiffness occurs in joints. There are many drugs available in market to slow down the pain but some of them are having side effects. Instead of having these medicines one can have physiotherapy treatment for arthritis that have no side effects. It helps to increase functional capacity and pain relief. Back Pain/ PIVD: Nowadays, up to 80-90% people are suffering from back pain and they get the most obvious treatment by having pain killer which is not good when taken on daily basis. So, physiotherapy treatment is the best solution to your problem as it uses physical exercises for better results. Cervical Pain: Cervical Pain occurs mostly at the age of 60 while some people never experience. It is a condition that affects discs and joints by causing stiffness and severe pain in the neck. To get long-term relief from cervical pain one should visit physiotherapist. Your neck will be examined first to diagnose the range of pain. Physiotherapy exercises will help you to strengthen muscles of the neck. Cerebral Palsy: Cerebral Palsy is non-progressive disability occurs mostly in children that damage brain tissues during early childhood, pregnancy or birth. It damages the part of brain which causes problems with postures and movements. Cerebral palsy can be cured by physical therapy treatment that aims to increase muscle activations and provide strength. Cardiac Problem: Physiotherapy in Panchkula improves the quality of life by improving health without having any kind of side effects. One of the best physiotherapy in Panchkula can get rid of all types of cardiac problems like heart failure, arrhythmia, heart valve disease and other heart and blood vessel diseases that leads to heart attacks. Frozen Shoulder: Frozen shoulder is referred to shoulder pain which occurs that stiff the shoulder when ligaments around joint swells. It is very painful disease that makes everyday activities difficult. One should have Physiotherapy diagnosis to recover the frozen shoulder as soon as possible otherwise it will become worsen when reached thawing stage. All these common problems can be easily treated with physiotherapy treatments. Beside physiotherapy one should do exercise daily and have balanced diet to cure yourself from diseases.

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